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Tiffany Chair Rental In Jakarta

Rental Tiffany Chair In Jakarta

Tiffany chair is a kind of chair which offer a luxurious and classy impression This is usually use for the various kind of party with elegant and classy concept. This is used in the most of big event like wedding, banquet, birthday party and many other events. Although many event using this kind of chair but the most popular to use this chair is a wedding party. In wedding, not only party with a modern style which is agreeable to use this kind of chair but traditional wedding is allow to use it also.
The elegant design is the first reason why this is very suitable to increase the romance and the luxury of the wedding. Here some descriptions about tiffany chair.

  1. History
  2. Tiffany chair is coming from Italia. this name is taken from one of the small town in Italia where the designer is lived, that is Chiavari. Chiavari is the name of small town in Italia between Genoa and Cinque terre. This kind of chair is designed by Guiseppe Gaetano Dezcalzi after getting inspiration from Paris chair made by Marquis Stefano Rivorola. In 1807 he made a strong, elegant but light called chiavary chair.

  3. The description about tiffany chair
  4. As like as the other chair, a tiffany chair has four legs on it. In a glance, maybe people will say that there is no differences between tiffany and the other kind of chair. But if we see in detail, of course there are some differences on it. For example on it’s back, the model is warped in the center so make this chair look so slimmy. And if we see on it’s detail there will always be lines (vertical and horizontal) on it’s back as it’s main characteristic.

  5. The material used to make this tiffany chair
  6. The main material to make this chair is a wood. But some designer also use the other material like bamboo, iron or copper for it’s ornament. The ornament usually take a place in the back of the chair. This is usually a four or five vertical and horizontal lines in the back this chair.

  7. The colour
  8. Actually as like as the other chair, a tiffany chair has a vorious colour. But the most usually use are black, gold and white colour. In wedding party the colour that usually used is white. White is a kind of natural colour so it will increase the classy, harmony and romantic impression to the wedding. Different with the kind of event like banquet and other formal event like award ceremony, the gold colour of tiffany chair is usually used. Because gold could give a formal and classy impression to welcome your important guest. On the other hand if you want to give some accesories or ornament on it, you can take a piece of white material and put it in your tiffany chair. You can also put a bow to make it to be more cute.

Tiffany chair can be the best choosen for your important event. By choosing this kind of your guest chair it will make your event to be more classy and elegant.

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